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From Gold Medals to Business Goals: Ryan Seeley Chats with Entrepreneur Alex Kopacz.

Welcome to the latest blog feature on "Money Talks with Ryan Seeley." Today, we’re featuring Alex Kopacz, an Olympic gold medalist who has channeled his dedication and skills into entrepreneurship. From his engineering studies at Western University to his triumphs on the Olympic stage, and now at the helm of a burgeoning startup, Alex's path offers a wealth of inspiration. Join us as we delve into how his diverse experiences have propelled his business ventures at Step Sciences.


Money Talks With Ryan Seeley On Rogers TV

 Alex Kopacz
Alex Kopacz

Interview Segment: A Deep Dive with Alex Kopacz

Inspiration to Innovate

Ryan: Alex, can you share what sparked your entrepreneurial spirit and how it all started?

Alex: I've always wanted to create and invent since I was a kid. This drive pushed me towards engineering. During my undergrad at Western, I was always very excited by my design classes. I enjoyed the challenge of trying to make a usable product, something that could be sold or maybe even patented. In these projects, I would have a vision of a potential end product in my mind and work towards making it a reality with my assigned group.

As I progressed through engineering, I became part of the first cohort to go to Fanshawe College to complete a practical component of mechanical engineering. There, I learned how to build, design, and modify materials to be even better at product creation. This experience prepared me for my 4th-year capstone design project, which I wanted to be multidisciplinary. I collaborated with classmates specializing in electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. This led us to file for a provisional patent and tie for first place in the design day competition. Although this didn't lead to commercialization, I had strong beliefs that it could have.

After this, I jumped into bobsleigh, and through this athletic journey, I was challenged in many ways—mind, body, and soul. This experience enhanced my abilities and confidence to take a vision from idea to reality. After winning a gold medal, I worked in the industry as an engineer, joined several startup companies, and, after two years, decided I could start my own company and control my own destiny.

Ryan: Your background is quite unique, blending elite sports and engineering. How have these experiences shaped the development of your company?

Alex: The mix of world-class sport and academia has set me up to be strong in the physical follow-through of a task or goal. I have been surprised at how physically demanding being an entrepreneur can be. I've needed the strength to handle numerous tasks, learn new things, and push through exhaustion. I've required endurance to maintain the momentum needed to provide our customers with the best product in the quickest timeline possible, often working long hours. The willpower to never give up and to focus on all the small daily tasks that need to be done, regardless of how tired I am, has been crucial.

On the academic side, I've gained a strong technical foundation that enables me to understand and learn most aspects related to programming, design, and manufacturing. This background has allowed me to implement new technology quickly and have the vision to see the direction in which our industry is heading."

Ryan: That's incredibly insightful. What do you consider the key to your business's success?

Alex: It’s definitely our team. My partner and I have complementary skill sets that allow us to pivot and tackle any issues as they arise. From a practical standpoint, our accessibility and superior product/service have won over many customers. Making healthcare easy to use, understand, and access is how we will continue to build our customer base.

Alex Kopacz on Money Talks With Ryan Seeley

Future Aspirations for Step Sciences

Ryan: What’s next for Step Sciences? Where do you see the company heading?

Alex: We are very excited about our growing customer base and are proud of our largest customer brands. We look forward to being a nationally recognized brand in health and safety/workplace wellness. Our goal is to become leaders in this space through our exceptional service, innovative software, and advanced manufacturing capabilities.

Thank you for checking this interview segment with Alex Kopacz!  It’s exciting to watch his journey unfold as he leads innovations in health and safety. Keep following Step Sciences for their latest breakthroughs and check out Alex's appearance on "Money Talks with Ryan Seeley. on Rogers TV.

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